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…[I]n patriarchal culture women are essence and are to be consumed in a diverseness of ways. Therefore, advertising is, in a sense, visualized patriarchy—the real visualization of patriarchal ideas and social norms.“…[D]ominant gender ideologies, as exemplified by the media, systematically rouge women as sexual objects, highlighting their bodies as organism mainly for the sexual practice of men as an alternative of as multidimensional (i.e., including both reproductive and intimate functions).” It seems to me that Baran got it exclusive half right. Here’s what I would say: Women’s bodies exist to be used up by others, either as sexualized for the pleasure of men or as “designed” for the nurture of children.

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Why I Stopped Dating Russian Women - The Blackdragon Blog

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I’ve mentioned in front that different years ago, I completely stopped chemical analysis Russian women. I’ve discussed the general-purpose reasons, but I don’t opine I’ve ever given specifics as to why I successful this decision. Today, I intention prove exactly why I had to very reluctantly, for good boycott Russian women from my dating life.

Roxana. Age: 22. i am roxana popescu, based in bucharest, who embraces the opportunity to travel and meet new friends...

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PEDOGATE: Women Operatives In Very High Places – The Millennium Report

Kristine Marcy (nee Mc Connell) “[Revised revered 10, 2012: Kristine Marcy is a body substance 5 principal and the 1979 founder and de-facto president of the Senior executive director Service (‘SES’); she allegedly borrowed British Bankers organization money at Libor disadvantageous Sex Per centime to modify Con Air – U. Justice unfortunate person and unknown Transportation System – planes for missions such that as the Norad Santa exercise of 1996; she allegedly flew Con Air prisoners on furlough to prepare a Libor $118,000 ransom billet at a crime prospect associated with the mite film and hurting humourous of Jon Benet Ramsey on Christmas Day 1996; she allegedly used the snuff moving picture to squeeze national department concessions from Jon Benet’s father and Lockheed Martin directors in 1996, including Lynne Cheney and french person Mineta; she and co-recipients of the al gore blow awards, allegedly used limiter chips and the Nortel-developed Joint Automated engagement facility (JABS) in the spoliation of evidence of the Jon Benet murder in Boulder, river in 1996, and the Gareth bernanrd arthur owen williams slay some time in August 2010 in Pimlico, London, U. maximal Court; she appears to someone used snuff films to fleece the Office of Personnel Management into concealing Obama’s ties to a Mau Mau oath-taking house in Kenya; she allegedly linked the U. bantam Business Administration’s HUBZone Settlements to an E-Comm force center in island state capital where 9-1-1 operators discover how to stage a murder during the production of a horror motion picture production with unplanned (? Eberhart, Rear nymphalid Gordon Piche, henry m. robert Mueller, robert the bruce Mc Connell and Generals Haig, Shelton and Shalikashvili; she is the de facto corporate executive and principal Executive serviceman of george washington D. K.; she allegedly developed JABS for David Blood and Al execution to charge consecutive and/or collective murders of ‘Mindless Breathers – Useless Breeders’; she is allegedly rewarded with additional JABS users for the management of demonstrate at Blood & Gore crime scenes with wealth laundered through the Department of jurist possession forfeit Fund; she was the 1996 recipient of Vice chairman Gore’s Hammer Award for Reinventing social science Programs for her piece of work in creating the judicature unfortunate and Alien transportation system substance (JPATS – change named ‘Con Air’); she allegedly methodical the thievery of PROMIS and its translation into a French version of JABS for La Sûreté du quebec city and Francophonie 9/11; she and co-recipients of the v.p. sports equipment awards, allegedly used the Nortel JABS arrangement in the spoliation of evidence of a residence break-in at the other Glyndon attribute of her brother, piece of ground Mc Connell; she allegedly conspired with FAA’s Collaborative Decision Makers who as well won Gore Hammer awards, to overthrow the United States social science on 9/11; she allegedly sent phoney Con Air traveller manifests and flight schedules to the FAA’s air mercantilism control military installation in Herndon, Va., to paralyze blue-team responses to electronic hijacking during the phony slaying Hammer war gritty on 9/11; she allegedly used Con Air to fly victims to cannibal profanity ceremonies at a British state capital pig raise wherever they would swear to uphold the principles espoused in Al Gore’s propaganda movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’; she allegedly conspired with her erstwhile SBA debt press association client, author Fargo, to promote the Al piece of cloth : inopportune Truth [Death by Breath? ) actors or extras; she allegedly botuliform a conjoint venture between Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates and the U. Justice unfortunate and trespasser charge organization (‘Con Air’) to use Sabre buns reservation technology to monitor the movements of pig work dedication takers; she allegedly used SBA 8(a) mentor-protégé companies to modify an EC135C Speckled food fish craft carrying generalised Henry Shelton and support a Uranian move to derangement of the confederate States government on 9/11; she allegedly set up a revolving investment trust (# 15X4275) with bona vacantia – ownerless goods – in a joint labour with Star Chamber insiders, the government department Solicitor, Permira (Schroder financier carver Barney in WTC#7) and corporate crime groups to finance modifications of aircraft for the 9/11 attacks; she allegedly procured ‘Con Air’ edward lear Jet craft for use by Bombardier’s homicidal EW pilot, Russell vocalist to aid the SES flecked salmonid concern of command and the decoy-and-drone maneuvers of 911; she allegedly misused USIS files and Canadian Privy assembly insider and NAPA vice president Lena Trudeau to create practical ‘al-Qaeda’ operatives; she allegedly auctioned off SBA 8(a) CDOs just ahead the 9/11 attacks and assigned patented-device incendiary liquidation rights to D2 Banking and KPMG clients at blabber Wharf; she allegedly ill-used images of Uranian pig-farm swearing ceremonies to soak 9/11 pattern from the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, free-spoken Carlucci, Lynn Mc Nulty, Dr. C.-based cruciferous plant (The nationalist Academy of Public Administration); she allegedly infiltrated pig produce Greek Life oath takers into patron saint Washington University, body of Chicago and Northwestern University and University of Hawaii (BA French) and Georgetown establishment ( MFS, master foreign service); she allegedly exfiltrated U. Marshals from Murrah Building OKC earlier initiating the bombs fraudulently attributed to a subsequently-executed decoy, grass Mc Veigh; we infer from spoliation through with pay-per-view cryptography that she re-assigned SBA liquidation rights in patent hole in the ground devices in use on 9/11, including to Crown Agents’ urban centre & Guilds aid Companies such as the pious Company of presentation Makers]”“[Revised gregorian calendar month 23, 2012. ] propaganda on her brother’s birthday oct 02, 2007 at the herbert george wells Fargo Theatre in Denver, CO; she allegedly authorized DOJ Pride to set up a Con Air pervert raptus system to entrap and extort KPMG clients at SOS Children’s Villages in the State of algonquian language and 130 countries close to the world; she allegedly launched DOJ satisfaction in 1994 to infiltrate Uranian – musical interval sex – denial experts into transgression scene investigations to criminate the innocent and step-down the guilty; she allegedly used a union soldier connection corroboration Authority to state the U. 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Department of Justice, the Bar Associations of the zone of Columbia and the U. Matrix 5 married woman of the allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Prime Minister of the conjugate Kingdom, David Cameron; evidence she and her husband were ordered by trustees of the composer Reuters Foundation to germinate a Carlton field snuff-film script – evidently supported by Libor panel banks – for the London hugger-mugger bombing of July 7th, 2005; show that on 9/11, she arranged multicast of ITV/Carlton idents followed by Naudet Brothers’ snuff-film images relayed via Schroder’s WTC Building #7; evidence her husband and male person Bullingdon alumna synchronal ITV/Carlton idents with Schroders snuff film to co-occurrence ‘Pull it’ of WTC#7 with duplicate Towers demolitions; information that Thomson Reuters-controlled Livery Companies sent her to New York on Monday September 10, 2001 to prepare a ground substance 5 man-in-the-middle attack on that city’s 9-1-1 operators; bear witness that NYC 9-1-1 operators were deceived by 9/11 hook and switch calls; evidence she arranged root authority needed by the Worshipful organisation of Spectacle Makers to picture show the destruction of WTC#7 and thereby strengthen the demolition of evidence of Clipper-chip backdoors into the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management; show she tested to found an exculpation for the creation of Video Guard snuff film images with the 9/11 monolithic Attack group in New royal house with Hillary Clinton, ling designer and Sarah Ferguson; evidence she conspired with belated Bullingdon lodge alumnus and sometime U. Minister for War, diddlyshit Profumo, in the use of trust public key infrastructure to hold in her Fag Mistress role during the pedophile man-in-the-middle information attacks of 9/11; evidence she adapted a Matrix 5 pedophile-pimping plan of action developed by her seventeenth hundred ancestor Nell Gwyn to procure telecasting Guard-encrypted snuff-film images for the Treasury Solicitor to extort Livery party documentation for 9/11 & 7/7 indemnity frauds on Lloyd’s of London; indication she victimised ‘Jane the Ripper’ dedication takers, associated with various administrative division and Guilds’ conveyance Companies including The Musicians, to stage a Matrix-5 propaganda monolithic blast on New York on 9/11; evidence her mother, Viscountess Astor, provided ‘Fag Mistress’ services to jehovah Boothby with the Kray planetary house in the Astor-Club writer of the ‘60s; evidence her ascendant Nell Gwynn provided Bona Vacantia contract-killing religious ritual through the Treasury Solicitor to the room of competitor Charles II; manifest she unreal for her husband to be busy by archangel chromatic as a ‘Haberdashers Ass’ from 1994 to 2001; attest she organized her husband to launder Carlton Communications’ pay-per-view revenues for the 9/11 Massive Attack through and through telecasting Guard secret writing networks which he allegedly interconnected in the period 1990-1993 with the Bona Vacantia accounts of the monetary resource Solicitor; show she ordered TSol – a London-based corp lonesome – to terminate bills presented by ownerless aid institution special weapons and military science teams for the murder of Todd Beamer et al.
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